What to do

Wherever you go, there is always something to do. Water, earth, air... or good steaks on the fire. Have you already decide? We will help you.

The San Juan dams allow many activities. If you are a lover of hiking, there are several circuits for trekking with different difficulties.

San Juan flavors, sounds tempting?

We invite you to try the best products, the food, the aromas, and flavors that represent us. It is a mixture of the immigrant tradition with local flavors. Come and enjoy the traditional flavors of the province.

Let yourself be carried away by the wonderful flavor of the San Juan wines through an enotourism tour that pairs very well with the amazing landscapes. The wine industry in San Juan is very developed and you can enjoy it throughout the Province.

San Juan offers different routes that include faith in different ways. The Difunta Correa, the Way of the Pilgrim, the Faith Ride, are just some tours that can be done throughout the year, although Easter is the most popular date.

Ullum Dam, Punta Negra Dam, Cuesta del Viento Dam and San Juan River

Jachal River Canyon and Los Patos River.

Cuesta del Viento Dam and Ullum Dam

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