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Wherever you go, there is always something to do. Water, earth, air... or good steaks on the fire. Have you already decide? We will help you.

Enjoy a unique experience surfing on board a sailing car, and enjoy the gusts of the «Conchavado» wind that reaches speeds close to 80 km per hour in Pampa el Leoncito, a white and radiant plain of 12 km long by 4 km wide, at 1.900 meters above sea level, offering the best views of the Andes.

Given the mountainous terrain of San Juan, it is not difficult to find ideal places to explore and visit. Rivadavia, Zonda and Ullum, among others, are excellent scenarios for these activities and are just minutes away from the city.

Do you dare to jump and enjoy the feeling of a free fall at 3000 meters?

San Juan River and Ullum Dam

The olive is another characteristic crop of San Juan because of its climatic conditions. With 9 establishments, the Olive Route includes Pocito, Rivadavia and the Capital. Each of them will show you the traditions of the elaboration of preserved olives and the production of olive oil.

The city of San Juan offers many cultural spaces to perform different activities and learn about the history of our country. You will also find archaeological museums presenting ancient civilizations, and at the Conte Grand Cultural Center, where you will find the latest artistic and cultural trends. San Juan enjoys all activities since interest and cultural enjoyment is greatly important.

Cerro Mercedario, Valle del Colorado, Cordillera de Ansilta, Arroyo Turquesa | Barreal, Calingasta.

Zonda, Caucete, Calingasta and Iglesia

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