There are simple mountainous landscapes and then there are the landscapes that San Juan offers, which remain forever in your memories, because they invite you to action, combined with dykes that have incredible waves and skies where you will want to watch the stars for hours. There are activities that stimulate all the senses and that are ideal for sports and adventure seekers.

Ullum Dam, Punta Negra Dam and Cuesta del Viento Dam.

Ullum Dam, Punta Negra Dam, Cuesta del Viento Dam, Rivers and Streams

Ullum Dam.

Ullum Dam and Punta Negra Dam.

You can go trekking in the foothills and mountain range of San Juan in the company of different specialized guides.

Rivadavia, Ullum, Zonda and Calingasta.

Enjoy a unique experience surfing on board a sailing car, and enjoy the gusts of the «Conchavado» wind that reaches speeds close to 80 km per hour in Pampa el Leoncito, a white and radiant plain of 12 km long by 4 km wide, at 1.900 meters above sea level, offering the best views of the Andes.

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